In this program, RAR Fincare engages with registered Banks/NBFCs/HFCs to co-lend for PSL loans. Before forging the partnership, RAR Fincare carries out an assessment to determine the capability of the potential partner to meet various obligations and its ability in respect of sourcing, credit underwriting, collection, servicing, and monitoring.

A potential partner will be assessed and evaluated based on the following criteria: –

You may please fill up the form given on this website or directly call/email us at the contact mentioned on the ‘Contact’ page.

You can partner with us for the following purposes: –

The code of conduct issued by the Board of Directors of RAR Fincare is applicable to all persons employed by the agents who would be involved in sales, marketing, distribution/recovery procedures and other related services on behalf of the Company.
The Agents and their staff/associates must agree to abide by this code prior to undertaking any sales/marketing/recovery operation on behalf of the Company.
Any employee or associate of the agent found to be violating this code will be blacklisted, and the agent will report such action taken to the Company from time to time.